About Us

Mission Statement

Hamilton Family Practice is focused and committed to providing the community of Hamilton and its surrounding areas with affordable high standard medical care.

We always seek to first listen and understand and will use this principle in dealing with each other and our patients.

We recognise that prevention is better than a cure and we aim to take a proactive approach to preventative healthcare.

We aim to be a pleasant working environment where all our patients, GP’s and staff are cared for and treated with respect.

We recognise the need for health education to our patients and aim to provide and innovative service within the practice environment.

We aim for all our patients, GP’s and staff to have a voice in ensuring the continual improvement of our practice. We will actively seek feedback and ensure that good ideas are rewarded.

We recognise that the greatest asset to our practice is the knowledge, GP’s and staff and we aim to continually develop our skills and knowledge by engaging in continuing professional development.

We understand that patients trust us with their health, their privacy and their family. We aim to live up to that trust every day.

We recognise that helping patients is our purpose and the reason for our practice’s existence.

We recognise that medical information and technology is continually being updated and we aim to be in touch with this information and upgrade our facilities where appropriate.

We will strive to ensure that we are an important and responsible part of the community in which we practice.

Practice Philosophy

Hamilton Family Practice aims to deliver the core values of our mission statement to all patients, GP’s and staff at this Practice.

We will provide doctors and staff with opportunities for continued professional development this will ensure our patients will receive the best and most current treatments, methods, health education, materials and equipment within our resource capabilities.

Teamwork is highly valued and encouraged within the practice to promote a harmonious and productive environment. We hold great importance in ethical and responsible behaviour which is essential to maintain the trust and loyalty of our patients, GP’s and staff to ensure we provide an affordable high quality service.